In 2006 the Wyalusing Valley Motorsports Park opened with M.R. Dirt being the sponsor of the opening day festivities.

Pictured is our go-kart driven by Skylar Middendorf. M.R. Dirt and Middendorf Contracting sponsor Skylar's #6M.

A big "Thank You" goes out to Graphix by Billy who did the lettering.

To the left is a picture of the Micro Sprint car we sponsor. The #6 is sponsored by M.R. Dirt and Middendorf Contracting.

This picture was taken in victory lane at Greenwood Valley after an exciting win!

Thanks to the crew for their hard work and dedication that makes moments like this possible every weekend.

Since 1996, Middendorf Contracting has been been a sponsor of the Eric Overpeck Tough Truck.

We have enjoyed a lot of success with Eric behind the wheel. In fact, Eric was crowned Champion of the Bloomsburg Fair Tough Trucks in 2003!

The Tough Truck is currently driven by Steve Valoroso and continues to be successful.

Eric Overpeck added a Ford Ranger to his Tough Truck stable in 2005. Middendorf Contracting was pleased to sponsor Eric's new ride.

Never missing a beat, Eric has seen plenty of success behind the wheel of his new truck.

"Thanks" go out to the team members who helped put together both Tough Trucks and work tirelessly so both Eric & Steve can do what they love!